Course contents

  • The importance of the craniomandibular system(CMS) in neurological organization.
  • Functional analysis of the CMS using AK.
  • Strategic and efficient selection and application of muscle tests(practical tips and tricks)
  • Modified Meersseman-Test: practical demonstration and analysis
  • AK- shortened-screening vs. complete test: Universal and Digestive Jaw: AK Testing and its implications- With practical group work
  • AK- Test to diagnose SOT Categories (I-III) and their craniomandibular significance
  • CMD - multifactorial etiology and pathology of individual factors of different importance
  • Most common dysfunctional factors of the CMS and its strategic and efficient diagnosis with AK and therapy
  • Orthopedic interplay of various craniomandibular dysfunctions (tested with AK)
  • Meaning of orofacial dysfunctions and habits (bruxism, speech disorders, dysfunctions of the tongue, sucking, Tourette-Syndrome etc.)+AK testing
  • Clinical consequences of the diagnostic results with AK in dental/orthodontic practices
  • Practical, hands-on tips and tricks for the centrally aligned checkbite for functional therapy with COPA (craniomandibular-orthopedic-positioning-apparatus)
  • Importance, function and therapy of the craniosacral system with therapeutic, orthodontic and prosthetic methods
  • Functional therapeutic differential diagnostik and treatment with the ALF- apparatus ( Advanced- lightwire-Functional), COPA, COPA-Inlays, Gelb-Splint
  • Therapeutic transition from functional therapy with the above mentioned methods to orthodontic treatment with multiband appliances and/or prosthodontics.

Your Lecturers

Dr. med. dent. Wilhelm Entrup
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Dr. med. dent. Wilhelm Entrup

Specialist in Orthodontics Diplomat GBO

  • Since 1982 specialist in orthodontics in Hannover
  • Since 1995 systematic use of Applied Kinesiology in the orthodontic practice
  • Diplomat GBO, Certification by the initiative group comprehensive orthodontics
  • Certification in the European Society of Lingual Orthodontics - Active Member
  • 2014 establishing of the Neurodontics Foundation
Aniko J.
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Aniko J. Entrup

Certified Physiotherapist

  • Applied Kinesiology - Clinical Competence Certificate (UK)
  • Functional neurological training for the therapy of learning disorders and partial performance weaknesses - Sunflower Therapy Diploma
  • Nutritional and metabolic advice based on individual test results with Applied Kinesiology
  • NAET (allergy elimination technique according to Dr. N. Nambudripad)
  • Osteopathy: Ms Entrup has a unique, 20 year experience in the treatment of CMD patients with severe forms of the disease in collaboration with the functional therapeutic orthodontic and dental treatment.
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Starnberg 06.03. - 08.03.2020

Diagnosis and Treatment of Craniomandibular Disorders

2-day hands-on course for dentists and orthodontists

06.03.201- 6 pm
07.03.208 - 12 am + 2 - 6 pm 
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08.03.208 - 1 am

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